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Weave, combination and material

Some of the most representative models have been chosen from historical textile production, drawing on older and glorious traditions of not only venitian weavers, but also those from Genova which are equally refined.

They were not only inspired by silk which was made by the Grande Fabrique di Lione, that was important in France throughout the 17th century, but also by the entirely original production by the English factory of Spitafields, which between the end of the 17th century and the middle of the following century monopolized the the English market, as well as the one in North American Colonies.  The collection is full of quite rare textile motifs, expressions of remote cultures, such as Indian products from the Mogul period or pieces by Muslim workers from Turkestan or China.  Because of its concrete use, both for furnishings and tailoring, this seductive historical recovery operation, with an almost nineteenth century tone, has been accompanied by a careful examination of the inclinations of contemporary taste.

Particular care has been given to the careful combination of chromatic values and metal components that indisputably characterize the marked pictoral character of the collection, ending up by harmoniously reconciling formal values of the past and avant-garde technical aspects.